Nutmeg Cheese Burger

$ 14.99

Fire-grill beef patty with melted cheese with a dash of nutmeg & Indian spices.

Add : Bacon $ 2.00

Lamb Burger

$ 15.99

Seasoned ground lamb, goat cheese, lettuce, raw onion & cilantro mint mayo.

Samosa tikka burger

$ 13.99

Cauliflower, mango chutney, butter lettuce, curry powder,


Bison Burger

$ 15.99

A bison burger on an onion bun, topped with lettuce.
bleu cheese crumbles, aioli garnished with sautéed onions.

Aloo Tikki Burger

$ 12.99

Aloo Tikki Burger has a seasoned potato patty topped with cilantro mint chutney and hot sauce!