About Our Restaurant

Nutmeg: Indian Fusion Cuisine was born from an idea that Nelroy Rebelo had to start a unique restaurant where the flavors of the world could be enjoyed in one place. When he met Melissa Fernandes, she supported his dream to start a new restaurant based on this brilliant idea. Goa, India, the hometown of both owners, was ruled and influenced by the Portuguese, helping Nelroy see at an early age that there were many dishes that could be a fusion of two countries. Indian, Portuguese, and Goan dishes are the focus of the restaurant’s menu, but dishes from different cultures have been added as complements to the main items. 

Nutmeg is a restaurant and full service bar located in Las Vegas, Nevada where you can taste the flavors of the world and indulge in delicious drinks as well. As nutmeg is a spice of life, so too is our restaurant. Nutmeg is a magical place where flavors of the world come together in one unique experience. We make our savory dishes with aromatic spices, fresh herbs and wholesome ingredients. Here we take pride in providing optimal service with our friendly staff to assist you at all times, not just with the menu and food selection, but also with the best care they have to offer. 

We here at Nutmeg believe that food tastes better when shared with family and friends. You will definitely be delighted with our tastefully curated menu. Welcome to Nutmeg Family.

Our Chefs

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Miyako Vaz


With more than 10 years of professional
Culinary experience, Miyako Vaz brings
creativity and passion for Indian American cuisine to
his role as exective chef.

Born and raised in Goa, India, Miyako spend time thoughout his childhood traveling and learning the customs and culinary traditions of his homeland He moved to London, UK in 2011 to pursue his interest in cooking gaining experience and harnessing his skills. 

Miyako has worked and developed successful concept in collaboration with award winning chefs Mark Owens and Sophie Michell in London including JD Weather he served as a executive chef for Gorgeous Kitchen from 2012 to 2016 after living in London for nearly 6 years, he moved to Las Vegas to fulfil his dream.

Our team