Cod Fish Sandwich

$ 16.99

Crispy, house beer-battered Atlantic cod on a bun with fresh spring mix and tomatoes topped with our unique curry tartar sauce.

Buffalo Chicken Wrap

$ 15.99

A flour tortilla with grilled chicken breast, tossed in our house buffalo sauce,
with fresh spring mix, tomatoes, cucumber, red onions and finished with our house cilantro aioli.

Lamb Kebab Wraps

$ 16.99

Marble rye bread with fresh avocado slices, tomatoes, spring mix, crispy bacon and finished with our home made aioli spread

Chicken Tikka Wrap

$ 15.99

A flour tortilla with grilled, marinated chicken tikka, fresh cucumbers, tomatoes, fresh spring mix, red onions, jalapenos
and finished with our homemade ciantro-ranch aioli.

Chili Shrimp Wraps

$ 15.99

Butter lettuce, smoked paprika, avocado oil, raw shrimp, sea salt


   Tofu tika substitute upon request