Garlic Naan

$ 6.99

Indian flat bread topped with garlic and cilantro.

Plain/ Butter Naan

$ 6.99

traditional flat bread plain or with butter.


$ 5.99

Indian flat bread made with whole wheat flour

Onion Paneer / Kulcha

$ 7.99

Kulcha stuffed with onion or paneer.

Cheese Naan

$ 7.99

Flat bread stuffed with mozzarella

Mushroom Naan

$ 6.99

Flat bread stuffed with fresh mushrooms.

Aloo paratha

$ 7.99

Whole wheat flour, potatoes, garam masala.

Chicken Tikka Naan

$ 8.99

Flat bread stuffed with chicken tikka pieces

(Variations available upon request with upcharge)