Vegetable Samosa

$ 7.99

Crispy pastries stuffed with potatoes and peas lightly seasoned with spices

Pickle fries

$ 8.99

shoestring-cut picles coated in seasonal house beer batter, deep-fried and served with house-made bleu cheese source

Sidewinder Fries

$ 7.99

Thick-cut fries fried to perfection and served with our house aioli.

Malaysian Shrimp

$ 11.99

Grilled Malaysian-spiced shrimp served over a carrot slaw with shrimp sauce.

Potato Chops

$ 9.99

Potato chops are savory potato patty stuffed with seasoned beef.

Gobi Manchurian

$ 12.99

Gobi, soy sauce, tomato sauce, spring onion and corn flour

Crab Cakes

$ 12.99

Two patties of minced crab meat, served with tartar sauce.

Lamb Samosa

$ 9.99

Crispy pastries stuffed with ground lamb and peas, lightly seasoned with spices.

Paneer Chilli

$ 12.99

Paneer, apple cider, gravy, spring onion, hot sauce



$ 9.99

Sidewinder fries topped with fresh melted cheese curds, beef gravy and topped with green onions.

Chili Chicken

$ 13.99

Rice, soy sauce, chicken breasts, red pepper, green pepper

Chicken Wings

$ 9.99

A Platter of 6 Chicken wings

-DRY RUB (dry, Cajun-inspired)

-BUFFALO SPICY (tangy, saucy… add a kick and go spicy!)

-CARIBBEAN JERK (All spice and Scotch bonnet peppers)

-KOREAN BBQ (Soy and chilli-garlic sauces and rice wine vinegar)

(Bone-in or boneless)